Advanced Options Trading

Order Routing on Options Trades Offers Flexibility, Speed, and Control.

GlobalVest’s options tools greatly simplifies the process of trading options, providing all the tools you need to build a sound market outlook, and identify in mere seconds the best possible options combinations based on your assumptions.

Get Direct Access Trading on single and multi-leg orders.

Self-direct your options orders to the exchange of your choice. Also place orders before the market opens to improve the chances of getting your order filled

Options Exchanges Available:

  • Create, test and trade options strategies.
    Evaluate, monitor and trade an unlimited number of standard and custom options strategies, as well as graph any options position for risk and reward analysis.
  • Insight into market direction.
    Analyze any underlying symbol with advanced charting and the ability to create and evaluate technical and fundamental trading strategies.
  • Automated or manual trade execution.
    You can automatically execute your trades based on your own trading rules, or place trades manually for single options contracts or multi-leg spreads using our advanced order-entry tools.
  • Extensive historical databases.
    Get access to up to 20+ years of daily historical data for most U.S.-traded symbols, including historical implied volatility and put/call ratios for all optionable stocks. You also get up to six months of tick-by-tick data for all symbols.
  • Custom real-time scanning.
    Use powerful real-time scanning tool, allowing you to scan hundreds of symbols for trading opportunities based on any custom technical criteria.
  • Deep-discount commissions.
    GlobalVest offers low-cost commissions designed to help options traders reduce their trading costs; with no minimum contract size or ticket charge.



Multi-leg Options Orders

Utilize multi-leg options orders to enter hedge and income strategies. Single order entry of complex options strategies enables you to reduce the potential market exposure of "legging in", and you pay only per contract fee.

Enter Butterflies, Collars, Combos, Condors, Covered Calls, Spreads, or Straddles as a Single Order.

Learn more about Multi-leg Options Orders

Order Types & Special Conditions

Take advantage of a choice of options order types, time in force conditions, and risk management strategies to help protect your options positions and get the execution you want.

Get the contract price you want with several options order choices: Place percent-, point- and price related stop-loss parameters on all options trades. Add Time in Force special conditions for partial fills or cancellations if the market moves against your order. Take advantage of spreads, straddles, and collar strategies.

Learn more about Order Types & Special Conditions



Options Exchanges & Order Routing

Send orders directly to the exchanges, increasing the likelihood of getting your order filled, and improving order execution speed. Get Direct Access Trading on single and multi-leg orders.

Self-direct your options orders to the exchange of your choice. Also place orders before the market opens to improve the chances of getting your order filled

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Optronics is a leading execution platform for options spreads. Optronics allows clients the ability to trade Multi-Leg Options orders electronically with enhanced functionality that incorporates complex option orders with the underlying equity order.

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Margin Approval Levels

Approval Levels Include Spreads in IRAs & Short Combos with Margin.

Learn more about Margin Approval Levels

Real-time quotes on options from a variety of tools.

  • Get the data you need to make more informed decisions when routing your own options orders.
  • Smart routing and proprietary, algorithmic order types
  • View bid, ask, open interest, implied volatility, contract symbol, expiration date, strike price, options greeks, and more from your Trading Window or create a target list in your Watch List tool.


Simultaneously route orders and view data from one tool.

  • Quickly view all of the available details on an options contract and then send an order from the Trading Window.
  • Just right click for even more details on a specific contract.

View real-time data for all trades as they occur.

  • See the price, exchange, volume and time for all trades as they occur in the streaming time & sales window.
  • Get a real-time streaming view of the entire listed market for a particular options contract.
  • See what exchanges are available for automated executions shown in green in the Trading Window.
  • Quickly identify when an options exchange has declared its quote as ‘Non-Firm’ shown in red in the Trading Window.
  • Sending orders is only one click away.


Watch the action in the options market for new opportunities.

  • Use the Options Top Ten windows (Series, Class, and Single) for a micro or macro view of the options markets.
  • Highly customizable, these tools enable you to customize your searches based on total volume, call volume, put volume, gainers, decliners, equity, or index options.
  • View all or only specific months and specify whether you want to see in-the-money, at-the-money, out-of-the money, or all money options contracts with the single and series search criteria filters.
  • Hide particular underlyings to focus on only the data you want to see.


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