Live Help for Instant Messaging Support

GlobalVest recognizes the demands of professional traders by providing world class support, including Instant Messanger support.

Markets are rapidly changing. Traders demand the latest and best technology with ultra-high availability, constant support. This is why we maintain a private, secured instant messaging network.

When you're between orders and need a quick answer about your platform or your account, just send us an instant message for help in seconds.

Using the Live Help to connect directly to our licensed and exceptionally knowledgeable Client Support Services representatives. No logging off; no unnecessary interruptions to your trading day. Hours available: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET.

† It is important that you do not use the GlobalVest instant messanger to request, authorize or effect the purchase or sale of any security or commodity, to send fund transfer instructions, or to effect any other transactions. Any such requests, orders, or instructions that you send will not be accepted and will not be processed by GlobalVest.

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