Corporate & Restricted Stock Transactions

We provide a comprehensive list of corporate and private client services to companies and corporate executives looking for experience, product knowledge and unmatched customer service.

Through highly personalized and responsive service, we guide our clients through the full range of regulatory compliance and economic issues they need to consider.

GlobalVest offers the following corporate services:

Corporate Repurchase Programs
If you are looking to buy back shares of your company’s stock that are currently traded on the open market, GlobalVest has the experience and strategies to help you succeed. Our goal is to achieve the company’s objective of repurchasing shares while maximizing the company’s capital. Buyback orders are coordinated by experienced and highly trained traders who specialize in corporate buyback execution.
Each client is provided with a dedicated Sales trader to handle each transaction, monitor order flow and alerts on market developments including blocks of stock for sale. Clients receive daily trading recaps and execution summaries via email, fax or both. Our institutional-quality trade execution will be in accordance with your repurchase strategy.

  • Institutional traders facilitate block orders with the world's leading mutual and pension fund managers, as well as regional money managers.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the rules and regulations ensures strict compliance with all securities regulations regarding corporate stock repurchase activity.
  • All transactions are treated with confidentiality and discretion.
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality of execution and competitive execution costs.

Customized Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans
SEC Rule 10b5-1 protects officers and directors from insider trading liability under Rule 10b-5 for transactions under a previously established contract, plan or instruction. We offer customized 10b5-1 trading plans to officers and directors of our corporate clients. When constructed properly, Rule 10b5-1 plans provide a safe harbor from insider trading liability. Since their inception, these plans have become the most popular method for insiders to diversify (or accumulate) their holdings in company stock. Trades in the plan may occur during blackout periods, as long as certain criteria are met. We work with your legal team to design a plan that complies with your insider trading policy, as well as track and report all activity.

  • Customized or standard trading plans to effect a diversification strategy for corporate executives.
  • We structure 10b5-1 trading plans to achieve the financial goals of the executive.
  • Assistance with all regulatory requirements and filings.

144 Restricted Stock Transactions
At GlobalVest, we feel that the seller of restricted stock should have expert assistance to ensure that all procedures comply with SEC regulations. Our account executives are experienced in handling 144 procedures and strive to complete transactions in a timely matter and provide excellent execution.

  • Coordination of all 144 paperwork so that it is filed in a timely manner and communicate insider transactions to the company for Form 4 filings.
  • Assisting in the removal of the restrictive legend and coordinate with the issuer and legal counsel to obtain the legal opinion.
  • Consistent communication with corporate clients assists in ensuring all filings are completed in compliance with regulatory requirements, including SOX.

Employee Stock Options Plans (ESOP)
We offer professional assistance and tailored option exercise programs for your incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options and stock options granted to employees, executives and all option holders of your company.
We also serve as a third-party customer service desk and are available to answer all of your employee questions, provide on-site employee training and customize our procedures in an effort to reduce the administrative burden of your internal stock plan personnel. We report all option transactions after the close of market, which allows for timely filings of Form 4s for your insiders and affiliates. We keep close track of your trading windows/blackout periods and serve as the last line of defense for avoiding violations of your insider trading policy.

  • We accommodate each company's needs with individually designed cashless stock option exercise programs.
  • All employees receive exceptional, personalized customer service regarding their accounts and stock transactions.
  • We provide on-site seminars to educate employees regarding stock benefit plans.
  • We offer execution-only services with negotiated commission rates.

Block Trading
We leverage our institutional sales and trading platform to assist your affiliated shareholders with the disposition (or acquisition) of a concentrated position. Insiders, affiliates, venture capital/private equity and strategic corporate holders are offered discrete execution of these highly sensitive, high-volume and complex transactions with minimal adverse market impact.

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