Reporting for Trading Groups

Comprehensive web based reporting that provide insight about account, trader, and client performance, and daily net profitability across the firm.

GlobalVest provides web based back office solution for trading groups and proprietary trading firms. Manger can Access all trading activity, profit and loss statistics, fee reports, and cash history for the firm.

GlobalVest can export raw trade and account data (execution, buying power, positions) from any trading platform or directly from the clearing firm -- and import it to a secured web based software that can be easily customized and white labeled to meet your needs.


  • Create commission schedules and mark-ups
  • Set-up sub accounts and BP multipliers
  • Create mid-level managers
  • Customize ecn and routing fees
  • Set margin and debit rates
  • P&L statistics
  • Export to excel
  • Fee reports

In addition to many different reporting packages, we can offer customized reporting via Fix 4.2 drop copies.

Additional reporting solutions available to trading groups:

PropReports is a web-based back office application designed to fully support the operations of proprietary trading firms. Get trading activity, position, profit/loss, balance and payout information instantly, simply, and securely. Any aspect of the software can be customized/branded to meet the exact needs of your firm. GlobalVest will help you to setup automated FTP drop copy of your end of day data to PropReport.

Firm58 is a cloud based platform helps clients manage post-trade processes associated with fees, commissions and payouts including billing, profitability reporting, client commission agreements and soft dollar programs. Firm58 solutions are SAS 70-certified and help increase a firm’s revenue, operational efficiency, and reduce costs to provide greater profitability. The company counts global market exchanges, leading institutional brokerages, clearing and non-clearing broker/dealers and proprietary trading firms as customers. GlobalVest will help you to setup automated FTP drop copy of your end of day data to Firm58.

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