High Frequency and Algo Trading Solutions

Speed up your business, automate your strategies

Rule-Based Automated Trading Systems

Automated Trading Systems are computer models which generate specific buy and sell signals in multiple stocks and ETFs by analyzing historical and real time price data. Systems trading has become more popular over the past decade as more tools have become available for creating and backtesting models.

Our solutions for automated trading, developers and High Frequency Traders:

Instaquote Trading Platform

High Frequency Trading Solutions

GlobalVest provides high throughput, low latency market access, market data and algorithmic trading solutions to high frequency, institutional and options traders.

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API and Black Box Trading

GlobalVest supports various out of the box API and Black Box trading systems through open API or FIX 4.2. Developers can automate and route orders to any of the system's points of liquidity.

Clients can also connect using their own front end or back-office applications or choose from one of the API providers of GlobalVest.

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Co-Location & Proximity Hosting

GlobalVest offers access to all major U.S. trading venues from a proximity hosting center in Carteret, NJ.

Running your blackbox or graybox from a colocated server colocation brings your strategy as close to the exchange matching engine as possible, significantly reducing execution times, as well as the risks of multiple points of failure.

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Algorithmic Trading Strategies

We offer a suite of algorithmic trading strategies designed to offer clients an intelligent way to execute orders with specific benchmarks in mind, minimize market impact and improve performance.

Each algorithm uses sophisticated anti-gaming logic to prevent abuse by other market participants (algorithm sniffers) and improve execution quality.

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Pre Trade Risk Management

Globalvest implemented pre-trade risk validation who meet the outlined regulatory criteria contained within Rule 15c3-5 but the rules have been uniquely coded to minimize latency.

All risk and compliance checks are made prior to sending data to market without incurring any measurable latency.

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