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Tailored liquidity access strategies

One size does not fit all. Unlike most other vendors, GlobalVest provides traders with multiple market access options for equities and options trading designed around the clients’ needs. Whether you prefer to leverage GlobalVest’s direct connectivity to market centers or co-locate directly at exchanges, GlobalVest has a solution.

GlobalVest’s customers reap the benefits of a system that was developed to handle the demands of the automated and electronic trading community. The result is a highly reliable, fast, low-cost way to access the markets efficiently and anonymously, with agency-only execution.

GlobalVest provides direct access to all major exchanges and ECNs through one set of pipes and one normalized API. This provides our customers with a unified and consistent approach for accessing vital liquidity sources. We reduce the overhead, cost and frustration often associated with creating and maintaining access to market centers.

High Throughput, Low Latency
The trading system offered by GlobalVest is optimized for both performance and throughput. This means that it is capable of handling just about any order flow a client can generate. It have proven the ability to handle 120 million client orders per day with significant room to grow. Order placement is extremely fast, with average through-brokerage latency measured in microseconds.

GlobalVest also encourages clients to co-locate their servers in the Jersey City data center by offering extremely competitive rates. By co-locating, clients can feel confident that their servers are connected directly to our primary switch, which minimizes latencies in the order transmission process.

Sponsored Access
Firms looking for a more flexible approach can benefit from GlobalVest Sponsored Access. Sponsored access eliminates exchange membership fees and reduces the overall cost of establishing and maintaining market connectivity.

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