Institutional Agency Trade Execution Services

Trade with speed, flexibility and anonymity.

As a money manager, you decide what to buy and when to buy or sell a security. At GlobalVest, our business is to know how to get you the best execution for your trades while meeting your specific execution objectives.

Our Agency Trade Execution team ensures that clients of all sizes and investment styles can trade with speed, flexibility and anonymity. Our clients are comforted by the complete transactional anonymity of our agency execution services. Our traders are experienced professionals and recognize the importance of discreet order execution.

We utilize the most technologically advanced systems in the industry to receive and execute client orders. Our experienced team of traders services clients of varying approaches and asset bases, facilitating trading at competitive commission rates while helping to reduce market impact, slippage and net execution costs.

Your Execution choices include:

Two Distinct DVP Transactions
As executing broker we deliver trades to your prime brokerage account at the end of each day, on an averaged price basis or each partial execution.

  • Self-Directed Delivery versus Payment (DVP)
    GlobalVest offers self-directed DVP customers access to all of our trading platforms, via the Internet or direct connection. In doing so, customers have direct access to all major exchanges and can enter and execute orders with speed and anonymity.
    Our trading platforms provide direct access to maximum liquidity, while offering sophisticated execution with competitive pricing.

  • Trading Desk Outsourcing Delivery versus Payment (DVP)
    At GlobalVest, we are not market makers. Rather, our Agency Executions team "works" each order based on your specific goals, and we do so on an agency, not principal, basis. By handling orders on an agency basis, our interests are aligned with yours – we do not trade with or against customer orders.
    GlobalVest is your partner in trading, cost-effectively delivering decades of trading expertise, while providing an additional level of anonymity to your trades.

Flexible Soft Dollar Programs
GlobalVest’s directed brokerage program provides independent research and brokerage services to institutional clients, hedge funds and registered investment advisors on a fully disclosed basis. Our soft dollar program is designed to be as flexible as your needs.

You can generate commission credits, while receiving high-quality executions at competitive commission rates. Our commission strategies are developed on a client-by-client basis and are fully customizable and alterable on a trade-by-trade basis.

Detailed monthly statements are available showing reconciliation and reporting of all directed trades and expenses – ensuring that your soft dollar credits are being applied toward your approved research vendors and other brokerage services.

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