Commissions, Fees & Rebates

Deep discount per share or per ticket commissions; Full ECN rebates; Free professional platforms for active traders.

We've got the direct access trading platform you need - at the price you want - with client support services that practically guarantees satisfaction.As a trader - you should be be focused on your trading strategies and not worry about how much you need to make on every trade just to "break even" on a high commission/ticket rate.

Get paid for adding liquidity.

Commission Rate

Choose between our per-share or flat-fee commission plans.
One price for options and spreads orders.

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ECN & Routing Fees / Rebates

Our DMA platforms route orders directly to the various exchanges and ECNs. We pass through ECN fees and rebates.
Get paid for adding liquidity.

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Market Data Fees

Market Data Fees for US and Non-US markets.
Non-Professional and Professional users.

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Platform Fees

No fee for web browser based trading. All desktop execution platforms fees are waived for active traders who trade a minimum of 500,000 shares or 20,000 options per month.

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