Order Types & Special Conditions

Take advantage of a choice of options order types, time in force conditions, and risk management strategies to help protect your options positions and get the execution you want.

Get the contract price you want with several options order choices:
Place percent-, point- and price related stop-loss parameters on all options trades. Add Time in Force special conditions for partial fills or cancellations if the market moves against your order. Take advantage of spreads, straddles, and collar strategies.

Get Direct Access Trading on single and multi-leg orders.

Self-direct your options orders to the exchange of your choice. Also place orders before the market opens to improve the chances of getting your order filled

Options Exchanges Available:

Order Types & TIF for Options
Order Types
  • Stop
  • Stop Limit
  • Market
  • Market to Limit
  • Market on Close (MOC)
  • Conditional orders, Trailing Stops, and other Alert capabilities
  • Cancel/replace
  • Buys
  • Sells
  • Buy/Writes
  • Spreads
  • Straddles
  • Collars
  • Butterflies
  • Condors
Time in Force
  • Day
  • GTC (Good 'til Cancel)
  • FOK (Fill or Kill)
  • IOC (Immediate or Cancel)
  • Qualifier: AON (All or None)
  • BATS
  • BOX
  • C2
  • CBOE
  • ISE
  • NOBO
  • PHLX
  • NOM
  • NYSE Amex
  • NYSE Arca


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