Prime Brokerage Services for Hedge Funds

We offer world-class custody and clearing options, leading OMS and execution technology, multi asset class capabilities, a team of seasoned trading desk professionals, comprehensive portfolio reporting capabilities, and a highly professional customer support team .

As a boutique prime broker-dealer we can provide equity-centric hedge fund managers with a full-service tailord offering and a holistic coverage model with traditional prime brokerage services and capital markets expertise to help organizations both run and grow their businesses.

We offer a unique front-to-back solution for the middle market and emerging manager hedge fund community with a focus on premium client service.

Using botique prime broker vs. big name prime broker
Many emerging hedge funds and even established funds find themselves under-serviced (or unwanted) by big name prime brokerages, and paying significantly for that privilege. Using a prime broker who provide over-priced, low-service can hurt your performance, and cut into the profit margins of the fund manager.

Who We Serve
Tailored Services for Hedge Funds at Every Stage of Growth
We specializes in prime brokerage services for equity-centric hedge funds with less than $250MM under management. Our hedge fund customers can expect personalized service while benefiting from our partnership with a major institutional clearing firms.

Start-Up Fund
Through our network of industry relationships, GlobalVest offers solutions to help accelerate your launch. By providing access to administrators, lawyers, accountants and other proven, trusted service providers, GlobalVest enables you to focus valuable time on creating alpha.

Emerging Manager
Having the right partner focused on your fund growth is tantamount to your success.Emerging fund managers should be focusing on what they do best -- identify new opportunities and making the investment and trading decisions. Let us to deal with post-trade settlement and clearance, and other administrative and operational issues.

Established Fund
No longer receiving the attention you once did?. Our dedicated team is at your service to address sophisticated needs, whether helping you use robust, proprietary trading algorithms, outsourcing your trading desk or providing access to international markets, Globalvest is committed to being a long-term partner in your growth.

Execution Services for Hedge Funds

We strongly believe in providing our clients the opportunity to trade in the manner in which they’ve become accustomed to. We offer advanced execution solutions to meet the sophisticated needs of hedge funds. We have robust solutions for funds whose order flow comes from third party OMS/EMS, Grey Box, Blackbox or algo applications; fund managers who want direct access to electronic liquidity sources, and those with substantial speed requirements.

As an agency-only firm, we are able to provide complete confidentiality and market anonymity for all clients, regardless of size.

Electronic Execution and DMA
We offer our clients a range of electronic trading platforms to facilitate trading in equities, ETF’s, options, futures, international trading and foreign exchange.Direct Access platforms give fund managers the flexibility and capability to electronically execute their own orders without having to contact GlobalVest’s trading desk.

Our best of breed trading technology platform includes both independent and broker specific applications. These front-end trading interfaces access and execute sophisticated trading strategies, and feature the full depth of all book displays.

Our trade support experts will provide one-on-one training and customization for truly tailored trading solutions.

GlobalVest provides clients with the following DMA vendors:

  • ITG
  • Knight Direct
  • NeoVest
  • Lime OMS
  • Mantara
  • Realtick
  • Sterling
  • Bon Trade
  • Trading Screen
  • Instaquote
  • Laser

Learn more about our Electronic Execution and DMA.

Outsourced Trading
Our outsourcing services are customizable and fully scalable, according to the needs of each client. We can act as the sole trading arm, supplement an in-house trading desk, handle overflow in multiple asset classes (e.g. equities, ETFs, options, futures, and currencies) with the convenience of a single point of contact, anonymity of their orders. We can also be your backup trading desk on heavy trading days or provide coverage when in-house traders are unavailable. Because all trades are executed on an agency-focused basis, our interests are always aligned with those of our clients.
Our experienced traders serve our clients’ by providing access to global liquidity , and with global market intelligence with local color one point of contact.
Learn more about our Outsourced Trading Services.

Directed Brokerage and Flexible Soft Dollar Programs
GlobalVest’s directed brokerage program provides independent research and brokerage services to institutional clients, hedge funds and registered investment advisors on a fully disclosed basis. Our soft dollar program is designed to be as flexible as your needs.
You can generate commission credits, while receiving high-quality executions at competitive commission rates. Our commission strategies are developed on a client-by-client basis and are fully customizable and alterable on a trade-by-trade basis.
Learn more about our Soft Dollar Programs.

Algorithmic Trading Solutions to High Frequency & Quant Funds
We provides high throughput, low latency market access, market data and algorithmic trading solutions to high frequency funds through a normalized interface.
GlobalVest's solutions enable quantitative funds to leverage the most advanced trading platform and to customize their trading infrastructure without the cost, delay and upkeep of building it themselves.
As an agency-only broker-dealer GlobalVest puts you in a position to realize exceptional cost savings, industry-leading performance and protection from hidden attacks on your order flow. For a better understanding of how GlobalVest fits your specific trading needs, learn more about our Algorithmic Trading Solutions.

International Trading
GlobalVest offer the capability of trading in developed, emerging and frontier markets across the globe. Our 24-hour desk will handle orders electronically or traditionally (phone, instane messanger and email).

We have a highly talented team of experienced professionals, providing high-touch service for “care” orders in addition to offering algorithmic trading strategies and Direct Market Access (DMA) from our order management system.
Learn more about our International Trading capabilities.

Our non-trading prime services include:


Custody and Clearing for Funds

GlobalVest is has correspondent clearing agreements with BNY Mellon and Wedbush Securities. These world renowned institutions provide our hedge fund clients a range of custodial and clearance options for a wide variety of asset classes.

Learn more about our Custody and Clearing Options

Hedge Fund Reporting

We provide hedge funds with access to a broad array of fully customizable reporting tools for portfolio analysis, transactions, risk exposure and performance attribution.

We can integrate multiple data sources, including order management, global custodian, administrator, accounting, and custom data, to real-time and end-of-day risk portfolio analytics and reconciliation services

Learn more about our Hedge Fund Reporting Capabilities



Middle Office

GlobalVest also provides the following middle office support services:

  • Open line relationship with your fund administrator for daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Trade capture and reconciliation, P&L, performance measurement, confirmation of OTC derivatives trades, and management of corporate actions data
  • Post trade but pre-settlement activities including trade processing/support (confirmation and allocation), position and trade reconciliation
  • Reporting for internal and external distribution, including shadow books and records

Client Service & Support

At GlobalVest our focus is 100% client-driven.
Fund managers should be focusing on what they do best -- identify new opportunities and making the investment and trading decisions. Let us to deal with post-trade settlement and clearance, and other administrative and operational issues.

Each fund manager will be assigned a direct contact person and our team of seasoned professionals can provide advice on best practices growing your business, and provide trading, middle and back office, operational and technology solutions, as well as help with smooth on-boarding of new client accounts. Our goal is to provide our clients with a level of comfort that they have a capable team supporting their business.



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