API and Black Box Trading

Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive low-latency, low-cost colocation solution

GlobalVest supports various out of the box API and Black Box trading systems through open API or FIX 4.2.
Developers can automate and route orders to any of the system's points of liquidity. All orders are checked via 15C3-5 compliant system for risk management parameters with ultra-low latency. This is accomplished through your choice of using FIX or variuos 3rd party API technologies.

Our online support staff works with Black Box and automated program developers to facilitate bringing their systems to market. We provide a testing network to facilitate API testing. This enables developers to "paper trade and test" their system real time before going live. Other services include on site hosting of Black Box servers.

Use your trading spreadsheet or other programs to automate trades. Your trading sheets may be built to also handle special terms and, like all software, are ready for straight-through processing use FIX Protocol or use our plug in.

The API Use a Wrapper to write Visual Basic applications or use our MFC C++ API to write C++ applications to connect to the Gateway in the manner which best suits your needs. We can provide a plug in to our existing software. Optional FIX connection Offers straight through processing.

The steps involved are:

  • Technological handshake between your system and our system
  • Utilization or a risk management platform
  • Real time Demo Trading and Authentication
  • Live Trading
  • Monitoring & Analysis

We offer a full suite of FIX gateway solutions for clients who require global connectivity, high throughput and reliability. FIX execution solutions allow clients to automatically transmit, receive and cancel advanced order types, execution reports, order status, positions, liquidity flags, account balances and more.

Solving Low Latency
Specialized messages allow your FIX engine to instantly switch routing or change order placements in response to market factors such as latency at the exchange or indications of fast moving markets.

Clients can connect using their own front end or back-office applications or choose from one of the API providers of GlobalVest.

API Providers:

  • Sterling API
  • RealTick API
  • InstaQuote BofA API
  • Laser API

3rd Party Tools:

  • Cyborg Trader (Sterling API)
  • Cloud Trader (Sterling API)
  • AlgoRunner (RealTick & Sterling API)
  • Trade Ideas (RealTick & Sterling API)

Exchange Connectivity
Connectivity to most North American equities, options and futures exchanges, market makers & ATS's.


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