Omnibus Accounts

Omnibus account gives offshore trading groups full independence and the ability to completely manage all aspects of their business.

Omnibus account is designed for non-US/offshore trading groups and brokers who are able to provide margined products and wish to extend their offering with our products and software.

Under omnibus account, the group manger does not actually setup traders directly with our clearing firm. Instead, he keeps them on his books and opens sub-accounts which represent the interests of the traders. This way, the group manager keeps his traders anonymous.

Trading relationships are between GlobalVest and the group manager, and the group manger and his traders; we only apply margin calls to the group. Traders are provided with our trading software, which can, if necessary, be whitelabled. The omnibus service provides:

  • Anonymity of the traders
  • Flexibility for the group manager
  • Control of the business
  • Increased profitability

The omnibus relationship offers potential for our partners to enhance their offering over an extended trader base via GlobalVest. You are given one account number, and you will allocate trades in your own back office login to your various clients. Flexibility increases as you manage the risk and report to your clients in a way that best suits you.

To operate as a partner using omnibus accounts it is necessary to demonstrate ethical and financial integrity and to demonstrate that the group manager is operating within its regulatory environment.

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