Market Scanners

GlobalVest offers market scanner products that scan through the markets to find potential trading opportunities based on your technical trading criteria.

Let technology do some of the heavy lifting for you. Customize or use pre-defined scans. Filter for highs and lows in activity. Identify changes in trading patterns.

Technical Scans

Traders and investors can use advanced technical scanning formulas to quickly find stocks that meet specific pre-defined criteria. Each scan is applied to a large population of stocks and returns a list of those stocks that meet the particular criteria associated with the formula. The RealTick scans include filters for lists such as:
  • MA 10 Crosses Above MA 50
  • ARCA Most Active
  • Premarket % Gainers
  • Premarket % Losers
  • Near 52 Week High
  • Near 52 Week Low


In spite of recent regulations and advances in technology, inevitably some market participants receive information faster than others. Hottrend levels the playing field by monitoring every equity security in real-time and detects changing trading behavior patterns through a sophisticated multivariate model. The system compares each security's trading behavior to its historical expectations and alerts you when "mindshare" around a security is changing as the result of new information being disseminated throughout the market. Completely integrated into RealTick, Hottrend scans the market in blazing speed, providing you with potential new trading opportunities every single minute during market hours. It also displays unique, proprietary indicators of the top 30 ranked stocks, giving you real-time decision power.

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