Portfolio Reporting For Hedge Funds

Access to state of the are back office technology and a broad array of fully customizable reporting.

We provide hedge funds with access to a broad array of fully customizable reporting tools for portfolio analysis, transactions, risk exposure and performance attribution. Daily, Monthly, Quarterly Yearly canned reports are available and accessible online via a secured website. In addition - reports can be delivered via FTP or email.

Available Reports:

Standard Trade Reports:

  • Your account Balances, Positions, and History can be accessed from any web browser
  • You have the ability to trade US Equities and Options via this web site durring normal market hours (in addition to your trading platform of choice)
  • You have the ability to query history by date range, by symbol, and type of activity, with the ability to export to Excel

‘Away Trade’ Reporting

Critical to any Prime Brokerage relationship is the method by which the trades you execute ‘away’ get reported to your Prime Broker, and the means by which your Prime Broker provides you with any discrepancies between your input and your broker's reports.
We accomplish this critical component by providing you access to our highly intuitive browser-based back office system

System Features
Core to our service is our trade reporting web site, featuring robust trade input and reporting functionality, including:

  • Simple equity trade reporting functionality, calculating net money with flat or cents per share commission
  • Fixed income trade input using 'net trade amount
  • Government Agency trade input
  • Online break reports at 7:30am, by main or sub-account, with one-click resolution, as well as Matched and Fail reports. You choose to allow your traders to view, not view, or, view and resolve.
  • Failed Settlement Reports
  • Streeet-Account Activity Reports
  • Daily Break Report email
  • Sub-Account functionality, allowing for multiple login IDs, with segregation of trades and street accounts within one Prime Brokerage account, providing you with a site your traders to report their trades through, while you supervise.
  • Trade File Upload - for accounts with existing technologies

Portfolio Reporting
A simple and powerful portfolio performance & accounting module is essential to any investment management system.

  • View security-by-security performance for a portfolio, or view linked returns for any time period. Our Portfolio System is the investment management platform that will elegantly provide the performance tracking you've been looking for.
  • Our System runs in a web-browser, easily accessible without the installation of software, allowing on-demand access to all sorts of information about the portfolios under your firm's management, featuring a wide variety of pre-defined reports, from the simplest appraisal to complex historical profit-and-loss reporting.
  • Our clients have access to our Reporting Launchpad, a powerful tool that allows you to schedule reports and have them delivered via e-mail automatically.

Risk Reporting
GlobalVest offers Risk Metrics risk reports which are integrated though Paladyne and provide Risk Analysis for Beta and VaR, Delta and Beta Exposure Analysis, implied volatility scenario analysis and exposure by asset class. Risk reports can be customized to satisfy specific reporting requirements by respective investors.

Back Office Systems

Omgeo OASYS is the U.S. domestic industry-standard trade allocation and acceptance service, automatically communicating trade and allocation details between investment managers and broker/dealers. It seamlessly integrates with Omgeo TradeMatch, Omgeo ALERT and Omgeo Tradesuite to truly maximize STP.

Omgeo ALERT is the industry's largest Web-based global database for the maintenance and communication of standing settlement and account instructions (SSI). ALERT significantly reduces trade failure by enabling a community of investment managers, brokers/dealers and custodian banks to share accurate SSI automatically worldwide. ALERT helps you reduce your data maintenance costs, manage account settlements and distribute data to counterparties easily from the convenience of a Web-based interface.

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