Outsource Trading Services

Money managers should be focusing on what they do best -- identify new opportunities and manage current investments. Leave the executions and trading to GlobalVest experts.

Our outsourcing services are customizable and fully scalable, according to the needs of each client. We can act as the sole trading arm, supplement an in-house trading desk, handle overflow on heavy trading days or provide coverage when in-house traders are unavailable. Because all trades are executed on an agency-focused basis, our interests are always aligned with those of our clients.

The overhead of salaries, additional space, benefits and other costs all cut into a fund’s profitability. As a result of the recent market turbulence and continued pressure on performance, funds are finding that the outsourced trading model reduces their overhead and allows them to focus on their strategies. This model ultimately enhances a fund’s rate of return. From algorithmic trading to straight purchases and sales, our staff has the experience and dedication to provide the best possible service.

We have the ability to source liquidity and enter or exit even the most sensitive positions with minimal market impact. We have access to a diverse and network of established buy and sell-side relationships, enabling us to discreetly execute large volume trades, while maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality which has always been the cornerstone of our success.

Outsource Trading Advantages:

  • Institutional Wholesale Pricing
  • Broad Inventory Access
  • Access to multiple pools of liquidity
  • Access to full-time, seasoned equities, derivatives and fixed-income professionals
  • Anonymity and confidentiality - discreetly execute large volume trades
  • Operation savings:
    • Save costs and concerns associated with building an in-house team
    • Cut the overhead of recruiting, training, salaries, health benefits and other invisible costs all cut into a fund’s profitability.

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