High Frequency Algorithmic Trading

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Marrying analytics and high frequency infrastructure

GlobalVest offers algorithms are focused on execution and execution alone. Algorithmic trading strategies should improve a firm’s quality of execution absent the worries of cost, control and neutrality. If you are concerned that proprietary trading operations are seeing your order flow, then you are not realizing the full benefits that algorithmic trading can deliver. As an agency-only broker-dealer we put you in position to realize exceptional cost savings, the fastest performance and protection from hidden attacks on your order flow.

GlobalVets works with independent providers to deliver some of the most powerful and sophisticated trading algorithms available. Marrying the quantitative expertise and analytic capabilities of independent providers with high-quality market data and low-latency access to market centers represents a win-win for buy-side traders.

Focus on Service
In addition to superior performance, GlobalVest customers also benefit from a holistic complement of advisory services, specific to algorithmic trading. GlobalVest works directly with you to help select the most appropriate strategies and configurations that work with your trading objectives.

Technical Superiority
The system offered by GlobalVest is optimized for both performance and throughput. This means that our trading system is capable of handling just about any order flow a client can generate. We have proven our ability to handle 120 million client orders per day with significant room to grow. Order placement is extremely fast, with average through-brokerage latency measured in microseconds.

Getting your orders to market first and leveraging superior technology is key in algorithmic trading. When your algo orders compete for priority at market centers, you can rely on the same technology used by the most sophisticated of high frequency traders.

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