Smart Order Routing

The next generation in DMA routing is available for GlobalVest clients.

GlobalVest Smart Routes provide high-speed, seamless, one-click direct market access to all major liquidity sources (Dark, Grey, Outloud) for equity execution. We consolidate the fragmented markets into one unified route designed for speed, capacity and stability while constantly monitoring real-time market metrics for best performance.

Equity Smart Order Routing

  • Pre-market trading as early as 4am EST and post-market trading as late as 8pm EST
  • LMT, MKT, Stop-Limit, Stop-Market, Trailing-Stop
  • MOO, LOO, MOC and LOC
  • Discretionary, Peg Bid, Peg Offer, Hidden, Reserve order types
  • Good-til-cancel (GTC), DAY, DAY+, and Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC) order expirations

Options Smart Order Routing

  • Spread order entry for ISE and CBO
  • Conditional order entry strategies based on Implied Volatility
  • Good-til-cancel (GTC) and DAY order expirations
  • LMT and MKT order types

GlobalVest smart orders provide best price achievement on par with established ECN and exchange routes, at a considerably lower routing cost: $0.001 per share, compared to the $0.003 or $0.004 per share one may be charged by ARCA or NSDQ.

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