Risk Management for Trading Groups

Whether you are managing 10 traders and just a few positions or managing a 200 individuals under a trading group with thousands of positions, the ability to monitor and manage risk properly is essential to the firm's survival and success.

GlobalVest utilizes the most sophisticated and robust fault-tolerant risk management tools available, ensuring the highest levels of stability, security, confidentiality, and accuracy.

Risk and Trading management tools
The Trader Manager is our unique and innovative risk and trading management tool for online trading. These dual roles position it as an ideal system for trading groups and risk managers. With Trader Manager you will control pre-trade risk, account limits, and trading parameters. You will have access to trading, with the ability to manage all your client accounts live.

Risk Controls
Trader Manager offers pre-trade risk management and real-time pre-market through post-market risk control. These include everything from price thresholds (or "Fat-finger" controls), to daily loss and margin controls.

  • Order price threshold controls
  • Collaborative and flexible approach to pre-setting account parameters.
  • Duplicate order checks
  • Pre-trade risk and position limits, even for individual symbols
  • Intuitive buying power controls and loss limits
  • Wash sale controls
  • Easy-to-Borrow list management and short-selling rules

Trade Monitoring
Trader Manager delivers effective risk control and trade monitoring. Managers have access to many of the same highly-valued trading tools available on our trading platforms, but with the added features designed for managing traders and trading in real-time.

  • Firm level portfolio view with Position Summary
  • Monitor P&L, halted symbols, P&L / Equity ratios, and real-time trading activity
  • Account Groups for streamlined management
  • Manage live trades in any account, trade out of positions, or input away trades
  • Instantly suspend traders or reactivate them
  • Access to real-time short locate system which allows for instant requests and ensures compliance regulation and avoiding with naked shorts
  • Predefining trading parameters and limits for different traders/groups. If any of the limits are reached, then an automated action is taken. This is a very effective tool if you have a large group of traders.
    For example, you can automate "kick out"/blocking upon breach of:
    • Limiting profit and loss
    • Number of cuncurrent open symbols
    • Position size (number of shares or $ value)
    • ETH trading (Pre or post market)

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