Whether you are new to trading or have had extensive experience with other day trading execution systems, the Laser system provides power and flexibility, which in turn offers some of the best possible trading solutions available and thus improves your chance of success.

The Laser is an exceptional platform, fully integrated with NASDAQ's TotalView and OpenView products, providing far more inside liquidity data than the standard Level II or NYSE OpenBook. The superior quality of the Laser platform is evident through its distinctive features such as easy order interface, simple to use and flawless automatic order placement and management from Excel, and most notably - unparalleled execution speed.

It was developed using optimized multi-threaded C++ code, running parallel on the latest XEON servers through direct LAN, point to point connections to ECN's, NASDAQ, and NYSE with ping time as low as 1 ms.

Key Laser Features:

  • Trading features such as Specialized Book, Basket, Combination, Portfolio, Market Depth and Charts.
  • Tools for integrated technical, fundamental and price/risk analysis.
  • Over 20 different order types that limit risk, speed up execution, improve price, use discretion (Iceberg and Hidden Orders), time the market and generally simplify trading.
  • Large list of stocks for shorting - intra-day and overnight.
  • Real-time Activity Monitoring - View positions, profit and loss, margin requirements and excess liquidity in real-time.
  • With Laser you can customize your execution setup by creating server based alerts, hotkeys and order defaults. Furthermore, you can tailor your user interface and use pre-designed layouts to create the optimal conditions for yourself.
  • Technical Analysis - React promptly to market activity by using advanced real-time charts and market scanners both of which feature unique analysis indicators.
  • Fundamental Analysis - Access fundamental factors and company specific data to determine company value and potential for future growth.

Windows List:


Hot Keys

With Hot Keys, you may designate key combinations for order routing attributes such as price, delta, type, venue, and quantity. Once defined, use these fast key combinations to quickly submit your order and potentially capitalize on market opportunities before others get the chance.

Charts & Technical Analysis

Laser Technical Analysis entails real-time charts and scanners that enable you to view and filter data quickly, so as to react rapidly to market activity. Real-time charts show as much as a year's worth of daily market data, using 15 technical studies. Laser Market Scanners assess real-time market activity for stocks matching your filter criteria.



Order Management System

With the Order Management System, you can monitor all of your trades, alerts, open orders, positions, and P&L right from your platform. The Account Manager will give you a full summary of used buying power, provide an in-depth open and closed profit and trade report, and show you your stock portfolio. By having quick and easy access to your real-time account information, you can devote your full attention to trading.

Market Scanners

Select market scanners with filters you set to create a customized page with ranked current data for stocks, bonds, futures, and ETFs to match your trading strategies. Choose from Top % Gainers/Losers, Most Actives, and Market Statistics including Advancing and Declining issues, Up/Down volumes and many more. Filter by price range, current trade volume, and market cap to locate trade opportunities that fit your trading style.



Trader Risk Management & Alerts

Customize your alert conditions by selecting the criteria that are most appropriate for you. An alert may be set to fire when an index reaches a specific value, if one of your stocks drops by a point, or any number of the other conditions, in a wide variety of combinations.

Watch Lists

With Laser, you may closely monitor you favorite symbols by creating a personal board view that shows the respective real-time Level I data. By creating watch lists, you have access to an array of technical and fundamental market data that allows you to quickly and easily ascertain potential trading opportunities. While you trade, you can continue to check streaming, real-time data on stocks, indices, your positions and alerts.



ECN Books

Use the ECN Books window to view and interpret the markets more easily. For each stock, monitor all bids/offers at every price level and track the available quantity of shares. The ECN Book window also shows the "depth" of the ECN books, enabling you to observe all bids/offers at every price level and the quantity of available shares from one or more ECNs.

VWAP Route

A VWAP (volume weighted average price) routing option, enabling you to lock in the average daily price at day's end.



Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging window allows you to instantly communicate with other traders, as well as Risk Managers and Support Personnel.

Trader Client Based Stop

Stops and Trailing Stops are essential to any trader's risk management strategy. While you monitor the market depth, you can instantly send a Trailing Stop directly from your Trading Window or set up Trailing Stops as a conditional order in the Alert Tab of the Account Detail function for equally convenient access.



Real-time Blotter

Real-time Blotter View showing summary of used buying power, stock portfolio, as well as an in-depth open and closed profit and trade report.

Direct order routing

Direct order routing to all major ECNs, NASDAQ Super Montage and NYSE DOT. Order types include Limit, Market, Reserve, Stop Market and Stop Limit.



Smart Routing Engine

Smart Routing Engine to assist in achieving best execution by choosing an optimal route.

Excel / DDE

Extremely simple direct connection to Excel for real-time quote, portfolio and order management, with a quote sheet provided for your use.



Custom layouts

Easily customizable layouts, including multiple page overlap support, make it simple to adjust to Laser. Moreover, easy-to-navigate features save you time and screen space.

Trading API

The API provides users with the ability to receive a real-time rate feed, submit trade requests, set and modify stop-loss and take-profit orders, and receive automated confirmations of trade activity. Using your personalized application, you entirely control all aspects of your order including Time-In-Force to specify reserve quantities, risk and compliance features, TTOs and any other "conditional" order features.


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