Pre and Post Market Trading

The markets never stop. Now you don’t have to. Extend your trading hours and trade stocks up to 14 hours a day.

Extended Hours trading enables you to place orders for execution outside of regular market hours. It gives you the opportunity to react to market-moving events (news, earnings and research reports) that are released after the traditional market closes. All Extended Hours orders are handled by electronic communications networks (ECNs).

Trade equities 14 hours a day—from 6am to 8pm (EST).

Extended Hours orders for stocks only. Bonds, mutual funds, options, and buy-write orders are not eligible.

Extended Hours orders may be placed for listed (NYSE/AMEX), Nasdaq Global Select Market and Nasdaq Global Market (formerly called the Nasdaq National Market), and Nasdaq Capital Market (formerly called the Nasdaq SmallCap Market). Orders to trade rights or warrants may not be placed in the Extended Hours session.
You can place Extended Hours orders for foreign securities traded on eligible U.S. exchanges. You cannot place Extended Hours trades on foreign exchanges, such as London or Toronto.

Only limit orders are eligible for the Extended Hours sessions; no other price types are eligible, nor is all-or-none (AON) available. Extended Hours orders can be entered only as day or immediate-or-cancel orders. Any Extended Hours order that does not execute by 8 p.m. ET will be canceled.

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