Options Trading

Rethink your options trading experience.
GlobalVest offers powerful Level 2 trading platforms that enable you to trade options, equities and futures. If trading options is your goal, we have everything you need.

Options traders who use the trading platforms get Direct Access Trading on their single and multi-leg orders. Send orders directly to the exchanges, increasing the likelihood of getting your order filled, and improving order execution speed. If this sounds like you, test drive the platform now.

Trade Options

  • Direct access to options exchanges
  • Smart order routing for options
  • Ability to easily trade spreads with InstaQuote, Sterling Trader or RealTick
  • Options trading in IRAs**
  • Powerful solutions to enable algorithmic trading
  • Real-time volatility analytics
  • Volatility-based order triggers
  • Spread ticket interface

Plan Options Strategies

  • Customizable options chains and charts that reveal actionable patterns and data
  • GreeksS and option analytics accessible at no additional cost
  • Use option risk tools to create delta neutral trades for your portfolio

**Not all options strategies are available for IRAs. Option trading levels require account approval.
Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For more information about the risks of trading options please read Characteristics and risks of Standardized Options.

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