Co-Location & Proximity Hosting

Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive low-latency, low-cost colocation solution

GlobalVest offers access to all major U.S. trading venues from a proximity hosting center in Carteret, NJ. Proximity hosting is optimal for less latency sensitive clients that value the simplicity of a single location for ingesting market data and launching orders.

Running your blackbox or graybox from a colocated server colocation brings your strategy as close to the exchange matching engine as possible, significantly reducing execution times, as well as the risks of multiple points of failure.

You will have complete administrative control over your server and can access your system via secure shell or any other remote administration program you wish to install (i.e. - VNC, RDP, Teamviewer) so you can enjoy the freedom to trade quickly and confidently from anywhere around the globe.

Our Nasdaq Co-Location
Our servers are located in NASDAQ’s highly secure and reliable data centers in 1400 Federal Blvd, Carteret, NJ, maximizing uptime and minimizing communication latency to the exchange.

Optional Proximity Hosting Locations

  • Savvis Weehawken (NJ2)
  • Equinix Secaucus (NY4/NY2)
  • 1700 McArthur Blvd, Mahwah (NYSE)
  • 32 6th Avenue (NYSE cage)
  • 165 Halsey 9th Floor (MMR2)
  • Savvis Boston (BO2)
  • Equinix Chicago (CH4/CH2)

Colocation Steps
Once you decided that colocation is the right thing for your blackbox or graybox - our IT team will work with you in the following step-by-step process:

  • Initial consultation - discussing markets required, avtivity type and server needs.
  • Buy your own server or lease from us.
    • If you purchase your own server and have it shipped to the data center.
    • We can lease a preconfigured, fully loaded server
    • Our IT personnel will be able to recommend required configuration that will meets your trading needs.
  • Your server will be optimized if needed and we will configure VPN access
  • You will be provided with VPN credentials as well as VNC/RDP login so you can access your server and install your blackbox engine or Graybox application.
  • We will collaborate and perform latency and speed testing to ensure everything runs properly.


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