Why You Should Trade With GlobalVest

Each GlobalVest client has a different basis for joining GlobalVest. The reasons that are important to you depend on who you are and what your goals are.

Top 10 reasons to join GlobalVest:
The table below gives a brief description, each linking to a more in-depth summary:

Super Fast Order Execution

Our trades can execute in milliseconds, while confirmations and buying power are updated in real time

Redundant market data and execution lines

All connection lines to data servers, ECNs and other electronic marketplaces are redundant, using load balancing technology created to manage traffic and avoid single points of failure. Thanks to the smart order routing technology, if one ECN is down at the time your order is placed, your order will be automatically re-routed to the next available ECN.

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Excellent Fee Structure

With GlobalVest, you always pay competitively low commissions and are never charged unnecessarily.

Save with Deep-Discount Commissions

Our commission structure is ideal for active traders. We have designed it with our clients' best interests in mind, by configuring our pricings based on the size of your trades. While general-purpose brokers charge one flat ticket fee, regardless of the quantity of shares you're trading, we apply a low fee for each share actually traded - a low 30ยข minimum per trade, including all ECN fees and no ticket charge.
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GlobalVest Rates at a glance:

  • $0.003 per share all-in. No ticket charge.
  • Smart Order Routing ensures the most optimized execution by finding the best available price at the time of your order and, unlike other routers, dynamically routes and re-routes all or parts of your order for best results.
  • Higher interest paid on balances.
  • Lower margin financing costs.
  • Low software fee that will be waived for traders with high monthly volume.

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Superior Trading Platforms

We offer a completely customizable, top of the line Direct Access trading platforms, ideal for professional trading.
The trading platforms are fully integrated with NASDAQ's TotalView and OpenView products, providing far more inside liquidity data than the standard Level II or NYSE OpenBook.

The superior quality of each platform is evidenced by its distinctive features such as easy order interface, simple to use and flawless automatic order placement and management from Excel, and most notably - very fast execution speed.


  • Trading features such as Specialized Book, Basket, Combination, Portfolio, Market Depth and Charts.
  • Tools for integrated technical, fundamental and price/risk analysis.
  • Over 20 different order types that limit risk, speed up execution, improve price, use discretion (Iceberg and Hidden Orders), time the market and generally simplify trading.
  • Large list of stocks for shorting - intra-day and overnight.
  • Real-time Activity Monitoring - View positions, profit and loss, margin requirements and excess liquidity in real-time.

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Advanced Analysis & Decision Making Tools

Each trading platform comes with real-time charts and scanners that enable you to view and filter data quickly, so as to react rapidly to market activity.

Advanced Technical Analysis & Charts

View any of your stocks on your trading page with line, bar or candlestick real-time charts. Use real-time Charts feature to set time parameters, draw trendlines, view time and sales, and even submit orders.

Market Scanners

Select market scanners with filters you set to create a customized page with ranked current data for stocks, bonds, futures, and ETFs to match your trading strategies.

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Maximum Leverage & Intra-Day Buying Power

Access Up to 4:1 Buying Power On Your Equity

When you open a GlobalVest Margin Account you will receive a leverage of up to 4 times in buying power on your equity.

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Risk Management

Protect your profits and limit your losses with trailing stop-loss orders and persistent alerts

Trailing Stops

While you monitor the market depth, you can instantly send a Trailing Stop directly from your Trading Window or set up Trailing Stops as a conditional order in the Alert Tab of the Account Detail function for equally convenient access.

Set-up or Automate Entry and Exit Strategies

Provide multiple conditions to generate an audible alert or automatic execution.

Integrated API & BlackBox Trading

Whether you are a hedge fund quantitative programmer or a an individual systems developer/trader, our trading APIs enable you to generate a custom-made, automated rule-based trading system, making use of broad market depth and prompt order routing. The API facilitates full integration of trading functions with your application.

The APIs have an array of features for programmed trading strategies:

  • Support for a variety of programming languages including Java, Visual Basic for ActiveX, C++, and DDE for Excel. While other brokers provide limited and simplistic systems, we try to provide the most versatile, dependable and robust system possible.
  • Examples and instructions available for download, to help you as you become more proficient.
  • You may link your system to a testing server.
  • One of the fastest and more reliable black box hosting solutions available.

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Conflict-Free, Agency Only Direct Access Trading

GlobalVest offers a unique solution to the conflict of interests often attributed to the standard broker-dealer relationship. Unlike other brokerages, we do not buy or sell securities for our own account. As an agency-only broker, our sole purpose is to act as your agent for trading equities.

We do not own a market maker or an ECN. We do not participate in proprietary trading for our own account. Nor do we have any products to sell to our clients. Therefore, we never influence where your order is routed or how you choose to conduct your trading. Our only goal is to ensure your satisfaction and success through trading, by providing optimal execution.

Per Share Commissions

If you are an active trader, you probably know the great advantage of tradind on a per-share basis.

No ticket fee, Not paying full ticket on partial fills

When the market moves, things can go really ugly with so called "Flat Fee Trades". Without our deep discount per-share rates and our smart automated order routing, you must place multiple orders, and continuously monitor market activity, manually canceling and adjusting orders.

And bottom line - paying for multiple expansive "Flat Fees" trades while losing valuble time and "chasing" after the market with poor execution prices.

Excellent Client Service

Get access to our knowledgeable representatives via phone, e-mail or instant message.

Quick response, professionals for your service

You'll have near-instant access to customer service, 12 hours per day during the trading week. We're fanatical about responding quickly, and all of our representatives are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who answer your questions in a straightforward way and don't sidestep your concerns. Most importantly, every member of our team is cheerful, courteous, and helpful.

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