Order Routing & Execution Disclosure

GlobalVest Financial wants to advise you of two specific risks generally associated with online trading activities:

1. Fast Markets
A fast market is a high-volume trading session marked by extreme price fluctuations and order imbalances resulting from numerous investors entering buy or sell orders for the same security simultaneously. Because of these imbalances, wide price variances in short periods of time are common. On any given day, fast markets can affect a particular security, groups of securities or the market as a whole. Fast markets can be caused by material news announcements, market developments and even trading halts taking place in less volatile securities. The ability to execute orders in fast market conditions may be severely limited, and order execution may be delayed significantly. Furthermore, market orders entered in fast market conditions may be executed at prices that are significantly different from the prices quoted at the time the orders were entered. Please bear these factors in mind when routing market orders through GlobalVest Financial.

2. Use of Automated Systems
GlobalVest Financial utilizes a variety of automated order entry and order routing systems and technologies. These systems and technologies greatly enhance our ability to transmit your orders promptly, to compare prices across markets and to minimize the likelihood of errors. However, these systems and technologies also are subject to periodic disruption, failure or interruption. While we strive to utilize systems and technologies that are reliable and to make alternative systems or technologies available to you in the event of such an occurrence, you should be aware that your ability to promptly execute your orders could be adversely affected if such disruption, failure or interruption were to occur.

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