Portfolio Reporting

Powerful reporting platform with cutting edge technology.

GlobalVest institutional clients have access to a broad array of fully customizable reporting tools for portfolio analysis, transaction, risk exposure and performance attribution. Daily, Monthly, Quarterly Yearly canned reports are available and accessible online via a secured website. In addition - reports can be delivered via FTP or email.

Portfolio Analysis Reports:
Hundreds of report options with regards to portfolio accounting, performance measurement and analytical tools give you critical insight into your portfolio’s construction through absolute and relative attribution and risk reporting.

  • Same day reporting without need to wait for overnight batch reports
  • Increases accuracy of performance data and ensures that all numbers tie every day
  • Full access to all transaction and tax lot level data
  • Multi-currency native
  • Multi-asset class support
  • Transaction level trade tagging for enhanced performance tracking
  • Integrates with trade tagging from leading OMS providers
  • Exposure over time reports - Show Beta and Delta adjusted exposure of portfolio every day

Daily Risk Reports:
Risk reporting that allows you to analyze, aggregate, and gain insight into all of your positions.

  • Position by Sector / Industry and Risk Analysis
  • Real-time intraday risk delta and beta adjusted exposures
  • Options risk with Greeks, position-level and net delta, and theta decay
  • Portfolio beta exposures vs. benchmark including position-level detail
  • Risk exposure vs. benchmark summarized by standard industry categories or user defined buckets

Performance Attribution Reports
Performance attribution reports enables you to identify portfolio contributions, compare performance vs. relevant benchmarks and measure returns from assets such as baskets, ETFs, shorts, futures, swaps, and other derivatives

  • Portfolio contribution and ROI by sector, security, long/short, and custom strategy groups
  • Calculate relative attribution versus benchmark using multiple Brinson models
  • Generate blended benchmarks for the portfolio by combining existing standard benchmarks and tweaking their relative weights

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