API Solutions for Developers

Use Application Program Interface (API) to implement your own trading strategy with state-of-the-art technology.

ntelligent Broker's high-speed order routing functionality and broad market depth facilitate the automated rule-based trading system that can be created using our proprietary APIs. All of the products supported by Laser may be traded using these APIs. Our APIs are the leading systems for professional traders seeking highly efficient algorithmic trading solution, with key features that are valuable to the design and realization of a programmed trading strategy:

  • Support is available for an array of programming languages including Java, Visual Basic for ActiveX, C++, and DDE for Excel. While other brokers provide limited and simplistic systems, we try to provide the most dependable and vigorous system we can for you.

  • For less experienced programmers, examples and instructions help you as you become more proficient. You may start with Excel, and advance to a more sophisticated language as you develop your skills.

  • You may link your system to the Laser demo for testing.

  • You don't have to rely on a dedicated server or high overhead of a FIX system to use Laser order entry and order management features.

Superior Technology

  • Seamless with a comfortable and simple front-end GUI.
  • Very fast and reliable platform with very low CPU utilization
  • Fully Redundant Connection to all market data that reduces down-time
  • Ability to send thousands of orders per second
  • Intelligent definable risk manager safeguards to prevent catastrophic automated trading
  • Ability to control and override the black box account directly with the front-end GUI: Laser
  • Adjustable controls that limit position sizes, buying power, trades and outstanding orders

Multiple Development Environments

  • Fast and easy to use API in C++, VS .NET languages, C and a FIX connection.
  • Full Integration with Excel for quote, position & portfolio and order management with automated trading algorithms using Excel's functionality.
  • Compatibility with selected third party applications.

Fast and Reliable Market Data and Order Routing

  • Direct Access to all ECNs. Direct lines to NYSE & AMEX, regional exchanges and NYFIX
  • Three separate DOT lines to the NYSE/AMEX all with Direct+ (NX) capability for more options for order management, anonymity and redundancy
  • Access to VWAP, SLP
  • Level II, NYSE OpenBook and Time & Sales accessible via API
  • Direct fast connection from T3 to 1 GB Fiber Lines to: INET; ARCA; BRUT, NASDAQ; TRACK; etc.
  • Direct connections to SIAC for fast listed trade executions

Advantages for Automatic Trading

  • Large Available Short-List with nearly 5,000 names
  • On-Site or Cloud Hosting of Customer Servers in addition to proximity hosting
  • On-Site technical staff that developed and upgrades our trading technology
  • Superior personal support and attention
  • Custom solutions
  • Very flexible Account Options: Retail, DVP and Custodianship

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