Why You Should Trade With Us

There are many reasons why you should consider opening a trading account with us. We would welcome the opportunity to speak further with you about our feature rich trading software and the world class support services we provide to our trading community.

We take our commitment to provide a superior trading experience very seriously. That ongoing commitment is reflected in everything we do, and every strategic decision we make. We understand the importance of providing an incredibly fast, powerful, secure and state - of - the - art trading platforms. We fully realize that every hundredth of a second counts, and we realize how important it is to make sure that you can trade when, how and where you want to.

We offer industry leading execution platforms, work with leading clearing firms, provide remote traders with secure and fast market access and use a high speed communications network to our trading floor traders -- all of which enables us to keep our costs low and our focus where it should be - serving you. We remain focused on ensuring the stability and speed of the tradig systems used by our traders while still aggressively pursuing each opportunity to add useful tools and trading venues that optimize your ability to take advantage of trading opportunities. We want you to succeed and we will do everything in our power to enable you to.

We feel there are many compelling reasons why you should trade with us, some of which are detailed below. We encourage you to seek out those who trade with us today and ask them for their thoughts on what our firm is all about and how we have empowered them with trading tools to help them succeed. We firmly believe in the power of referrals. In some ways, traders who are already part of our trading community can often best summarize their reasons for choosing GlobalVest for their own trading needs, perhaps better than we can through this website!

Our unwavering commitment to offer superior trading software

Our superior trading platforms and ongoing commitment to offer trading systems that are state of the art will enable you to have the tools you need to succeed today and in the future.

Our very powerful, feature - rich, multi - dimensional trading platforms allows you to be more effectively positioned to quickly take advantage of opportunities, especially those presenting themselves in very rapidly moving markets.

Our dynamic profit and loss calculation modules allow you to very easily and in real time know where you stand with your realized and unrealized profit and loss, market exposure and available buying power among other important account statistics.

In summary, you'll very easily and instantly know where you stand with your trading activity.

Our trading software is incredibly customizable

The degree to which you can customize our trading software enables you to be more fully in control of your trading activity.

If there is a trading strategy you wish to execute, our software will optimize your ability to realize your objectives. If there is a particular hot key you wish to set up on your layout, our software will accommodate it. If there is an automated alert you wish to be reminded of, our software will be up to the task at hand.

GlobalVest traders play an influential role in our service and product offerings

We value the collective expertise our traders contribute to our ongoing service initiatives. The GlobalVest trading community plays a very influential role in our operations and product offerings.

We actively solicit their feedback and suggestions. From adding new trading tools, adding new dark pools and liquidity routes, to remote desktop software orientation for new clients -- we constantly listening to our clients and adding new services, while enhancing existing offerings.

Unsurpassed levels of anonymity and access to all major liquidity pools

We have direct, secure and very fast connectivity to all of the major exchanges, ECNs and liquidity pools.

Your orders will be entered on such venues with complete anonymity, and will benefit by our intelligent smart routers.

GlobalVest participates in all major market centers and exchanges

We directly participate in all major market centers and exchanges and offer our trading community a comprehensive and diverse range of avenues for intelligently routing many different types of orders.

We would look forward to an opportunity to discuss with you how our extensive order routing capabilities can very effectively serve your trading needs.

Our culture fosters trading success

Our firm was originally founded by traders, and is run by experienced professionals who understand the mindset of what it takes to be a successful trader.

If you are trading from our downtown NYC office - the environment that typically characterizes is best described as relaxed and friendly. Collegial, yet professional.

We encourage our licensed support professionals to be innovative and pro-active in their approach to solving problems and responding to requests for assistance. If there's an issue, we resolve it as quickly as our resources allow. Our technicians and our development and support professionals are encouraged to be receptive to the many creative ideas and innovative suggestions that our traders provide.

Our organizational structure

Unlike other or online brokerage firms - GlobalVest does not outsource or operate it's trade support desk to a remote call-center type contact center.

Our team of licensed support professionals is knowledgable and can deliver a high level of service to our clients.

Our management is well connected to the trading and securities industry and as a member of the NYSE and other exchanges, GlobalVest nimbly and efficiently able to offer innovative institutional-grade trading solutions to the professional trader.

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