Trader Reports

Comprehensive breakdown of daily, monthly and yearly trading activity.

GlobalVest provides its traders with a comprehensive breakdown of daily, monthly and yearly trading activity. Reports are updated dynamically throughout the course of the trading day. So as to not degrade the performance of the servers that are used to generate the data illustrated on any given report, we keep approximately four (4) months of historical data that is readily accessible via the clearing website.

In addition to the Profit & Loss related summary totals tallied and displayed on trading screens, traders can easily keep on top of their trading activity by accessing the many reports available online. The Available Reports Menu includes multiple versions of Profit and Loss information, Trading Activity, Positions Held, Risk Management Exposure, Monthly Statements, and several others.

Real-Time Update
Our front - end trading platforms are dynamic. We're computing updated positions and available balances that traders see directly incorporated into the trading platform on a real time basis.
Complementing such processes, we also use certain intra-day replication procedures to periodically upload same day "preliminary" trade details to the clearing site. We add in the appropriate supplemental trade details (SEC fees and clearance contras and so forth) in the overnight processing cycle.

The reports website is structured to provide a highly - secured facility to house account balances and positions, trade execution details, journal entries and monthly statements, among other information. Our clearing site is secured by 128-bit secured socket layer (SSL) encryption tools. For most persons who access the reports website, a designated user name is linked to an underlying account number. Certain reports have been set up with a data export facility, meaning that an authorized user can easily export dynamic HTML formatted data returned from the underlying queries to the latest and many prior versions of Excel.

Reports Available to Customer Accounts

Please see below for a summary of the clearing system reports that we make available to our trading community.

Mark to Market:

This report allows traders to see their daily ending positions, total (realized as well as unrealized) daily and month to date P&L (profit and loss) – by security. The Mark to Market report also includes the account’s ledger balance, the market value of long and short positions, equity, as well as certain volume related statistics such as the number of daily transactions, daily share totals, monthly transactions and monthly share totals. In the event that as of trades are applicable, this report is based upon " posting" or "system" date as opposed to strictly relying only on trade date.

Journal Entries:

This report reflects all bookkeeping/adjustment entries posted. Journal entries for certain pass-through services for market data services or charting and news packages, remote access fees and such are included on this report. Additionally, monetary entries to account for dividends, margin interest charges, deposits, disbursements and various corporate actions related events are also shown on this report.

Clearance Activity:

This report is perhaps the most widely used of all reports as it serves as a form of a daily statement. It’s referred to as the Clearance Activity Report because all of the activity posted on this report reflects actual trade and entry activity that has been successfully processed through our books and records. All pertinent trade record details are illustrated, including commission and regulatory fees (if applicable) charged per execution. Realized P&L per security and the total realized P&L for the day are also provided. Unlike the Mark-to-Market Report, this report is based on Trade Date (the actual trade date, regardless of posting date).

Revenue Summary:

This report shows the daily and month to date sub – totals for commissions charged.

Equity Balance:

The Equity Balance Report is most useful for accounts that do not trade regularly. Cash (“ledger”) balances are displayed in addition to the market value of open positions (long and/or short), as well as the equity balance. Active traders can ascertain this information via the Mark – to – Market (“MTM”) Report.

Cost Basis Retrieval:

This menu choice provides a means for traders to retrieve the cost basis for an open position based on the HIFO system (Hi In, First Out).

Monthly Statements:

This page has links to the last three account monthly statements of the account. Traders can view them as they are shown, or download them as PDF format. The monthly statements contain the starting account balance, a roll up of buys and sells by security and trade date, all other entries made in the account for the month (Journal Entries, Dividends, Margin interest, etc.), an ending Ledger Balance, and the ending Security (Net Market Value) Balance.

Trading Summary (also referred to as HIFO P & L by Account Report):

The Trading Summary Report provides an analysis by account that includes the account number (or source in the case of customer accounts), the trader’s name, gross P&L, equity and options volume, equity and options commissions charged, other volume, regulatory fees charged, and the net P&L.

Commission Transaction Volume Report:

This report includes the daily and current month-to-date volume executed by all of the accounts within a branch, or specified location. Daily and monthly transactions trade counts and share volumes traded are included, as well as commission data.

Trader Balance Report:

This report is essentially constructed in the same manner the Commission Transaction Volume Report. However, instead of showing the “volume related” statistics that are displayed via the Commission Transaction Volume Report (see above) this report gives managers a one - line glimpse of valuation and profitability statistics for each account. The P & L data shown is displayed on a daily basis as well as month – to – date basis.

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