Integrated Stock Loan System

Make instant short locate requests electronically from the trading platform.

Our traders have access to the new integrated Stock Loan System. The new system eliminates the necessity to call the Stock Loan desk in order to receive a short locate for hard to borrow names which will be traded.

The new system requires users to make short locate requests electronically from our trading platforms.

GlobalVest will continue to maintain a daily copy of the easy-to-borrow list provided by the clearing firm Stock Loan department. In order to execute a short on a security that is on the easy-to-borrow list, the trader simply clicks the ‘Short’ button in the InstaQuote order ticket. The security is verified against the easy-toborrow list and the order goes straight to the market.

The process of obtaining a short locate on a hard-to-borrow security does not require the user to call the Stock Loan department. The request is initiated from the trading platform, which goes straight to the Stock Loan desk.


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