Services For Institutional Clients

Premier Trading & Execution Services for Investment Professionals and Financial Institutions

We handle business ranging from simple telephone orders to client-based electronic order management systems providing controlled, direct access order routing to all major market venues. Our experienced professionals have been successful in developing long-term relationships based on efficient trade execution, customized trade reporting and a client service oriented approach.

Our personal, tailored approach balances a robust trading technology offering with customized services and experienced client care, all at a reasonable price.



Institutional Agency Trade Execution Services

Our Agency Trade Execution team ensures that clients of all sizes and investment styles can trade with speed, flexibility and anonymity. Our clients are comforted by the complete transactional anonymity of our agency execution services. Our traders are experienced professionals and recognize the importance of discreet order execution.

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Outsource Trading Services

Institutional investors are finding that the outsourced trading model reduces their overhead and allows them to focus on their strategies. This model ultimately enhances a fund’s rate of return.

From algorithmic trading to straight purchases and sales, our staff has the experience and dedication to provide the best possible service.

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NYSE Direct Access Trading

Our NYSE booth is a full-service branch office with total access to all exchange and OTC listed stocks while still providing the liquidity and matching capabilities of a floor operation.

Our presence on the NYSE trade floor enables us to offer prompt and relevant information, such as liquidity flows and depth of market, to our clients.

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Corporate & Restricted Stock Transactions

Our Corporate services provides a comprehensive list of corporate and private client services to companies and corporate executives looking for experience, product knowledge and unmatched customer service.

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Fixed Income Trading Desk

Full service Fixed Income desk dedicated to clients who desire the best execution with anonymity.

We work with a network of multiple broker-dealers as well as trading relationships with most major financial service firms to make sure our clients see all potential opportunities in the market.

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International Trading

We offer the capability of trading in developed, emerging and frontier markets across the globe.

GlobalVest will help you trade out of your most demanding international positions.

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Custody and Clearing Services

In a world of real and perceived risk, GlobalVest believes that funds need to look at custodial risk in addition to the usual notions of portfolio risk.

It is in that spirit that GlobalVest offers a choice of custodians and “out of the box” clearing solutions.

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GlobalVest institutional clients have access to a broad array of fully customizable reporting tools for portfolio analysis, transaction, risk exposure and performance attribution.

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Customer Portfolio Margining Program

GlobalVest offers Portfolio Margin accounts to retail, institutional clients, high net worth clients and Hedge funds.

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