Solutions for Trading Groups

GlobalVest offers specialized services to professional trading groups worldwide with clearing, execution, state of the art technology, connectivity and reporting.

GlobalVest is focused on helping proprietary trading groups achieve their financial goals through innovation, technology and support.

Whether your proprietary trading group is comprised of dozens of individuals or just a few highly active traders, GlobalVest can assist your group in the following areas - all under a competitive and compelling commission structure that takes into account the increased volume of your combined group.

State of The Art Technology and Connectivity
The synergies between proprietary traders and our high-end technology, robust exchange connectivity and access to multiple exchanges empowers proprietary traders to rapidly convert their innovative trading strategies to reality. As a vertically integrated institutional brokerage firm, we are able to provide proprietary traders with high quality technology that helps them capitalize on every step of the trading process.

Whether your trading group located in Manhattan, Budapest or Singapore, our trading platforms offer the ultimate speed and reliability while our risk management application provides the precise tools needed to manage your group and give your business the speed and advantage you require.

GlobalVest understands that reliable and low latency connectivity to the US equities and optionsexchanges cannot be compromised. If your proprietary trading group's volume dictates, GlobalVest can assist you with direct connectivity needs or server colocation for maximum efficiency and speed. We will provide your proprietary trading group with robust, redundant and direct connectivity to a multitude of trading venues and options exchanges.

Our Solutions:


Direct Clearing Setup

GlobalVest allows you to utilize your existing clearing relationship or open an account directly with us using our clearing relationship.

Our strong partnership with Wedbush and BNY translates to highly competitive rates for your trading group, and gives you access to their superior backoffice technology solution to help you efficiently manage your business.

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Risk Management

Whether you are managing 10 traders and just a few positions or managing a 200 individuals under a trading group with thousands of positions, the ability to monitor and manage risk properly is essential to the firm's survival and success.

GlobalVest utilizes the most sophisticated and robust fault-tolerant risk management tools available, ensuring the highest levels of stability, security, confidentiality, and accuracy.

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Web based back office solution for trading groups and proprietary trading firms. Manger can Access all trading activity, profit and loss statistics, fee reports, and cash history for the firm.

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Foreign/Offshore Trading Groups

We offer turn-key solution and state-of-the-art clearing, tradign technology, reporting, portfolio margining and low-latency connectivity configuration to offshore trading groups.

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Omnibus Accounts

Omnibus account is designed for non-US/offshore trading groups and brokers who are able to provide margined products and wish to extend their offering with our products and software.

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